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For many years during the 19C Farmers (Squatters) from the Western District of Victoria shared in a period of great prosperity. This meant that when they came to purchase an Alcock Billiard Table for their splendid Billiard rooms they were quite able to select a very special model.

So many chose a particular Table model that it became known as “the Squatters Favourite”.

The above picture shows a Squatters Favourite Billiard Table. It does not show Table No 1645.

The outstanding feature of the Squatters Favourite Table was the presence of vivid grains in the figured blackwood (fiddleback) timbers and veneers. In some examples this figuring was extraordinary – greatly admired then; and, due to its scarcity, even more so today.

Squatters Favourite Table No 1645 is just such a case. Originally made at the Alcock manufactory, (132 Russell Street, in what is now the CBD of Melbourne), approx 1880, the figuring in the timbers is quite remarkable.

Restoration for Sale is nearing completion so we are now pre-showing parts of Table No 1645 to demonstrate how extraordinary it is as a furniture piece.

Portion of the Framework of Squatters Favourite Table No 1645
Cushion Rails of Squatters Favourite Table No 1645
Antique two roller marking board, highly figured blackwood matching Table No 1645.
Features hand painted numbers on rollers and original Russell Street badge.

Table No 1645 also comes with a highly desirable selection of new and antique* Accessories:

• set 52.5mm Aramith Pro 1G snooker balls
• set 52.5mm Aramith super pool balls
• full-size wooden triangle
• 2 Peradon Edwardian billiard cues
• 4 Sniper billiard cues 57 in
• booklet of Rules
• Antique pillar style wall-fitting cue rack in Blackwood*
• Antique two roller marking board, in matching figured Blackwood, featuring original hand painted roller numbers and badge*
• cross rest
• spider rest
• long rest
• long butt
• box chalk
• billiard table brush
• full-size dust cover

Delivered and installed in the Melbourne metropolitan area, ground floor location
Victorian Regional and Interstate enquiries welcome