Billiard tables should be made from quality furniture timbers. Use of customwood or particle board is not adequate as the framework must be strong enough to carry the heavy weight of the slate bed. It is unlikely that materials such as customwood or particle board will be able to take the strain over a period of time.


A quality billiard table will have a bed of slate, which is most consistent in terms of keeping the table level. When considering a table, look underneath it. The slate should be lying flat and completely resting on the under frame. If this is not the case, it is likely that the slate will eventually sink under its own weight until it does lie on the surface of the frame, interrupting the level.

If you see a series of wooden wedges between the top of the frame and the underside of the slate, we suggest that you do not buy the table as wedges have a tendency to become loose and can fall out, changing the position of the slate and interrupting the level. If a table is correctly constructed, the levelling process in your home is carried out by adjusting the base of the legs.


All new tables are made to look as attractive as possible, which makes your choice difficult. We suggest that if you are looking at a table which carries no brand name, pass it by.