Victorian Government House<br />
Full size Alcock John Roberts model billiard table installed at Government House, 1876. This magnificent billiard room includes a gallery of portraits of the Governors of Victoria and their spouses.<br />
Werribee Park Mansion<br />
Full size Alcock Duke of Edinburgh model billiard table originally installed during the late 1870s. This outstanding Australian billiard room evokes the style of the great billiard rooms of the period. A prominent private club, Melbourne.<br />
Three Full Size Alcock Tables: one of unique design, featuring casuarina timbers, and extensive high relief carving; flanked by Duke of Edinburgh model tables.<br />
This room stands in the very finest Billiards Tradition. Magnificent heavily moulded high ceilings, twin fireplaces, with massive richly carved black wood overmantels and much more.<br />
A prominent private club, Melbourne<br />
Full size Alcock Duke of Edinburgh model billiard tables, as originally installed .Highlights of this remarkable room are the superb coffered ceiling and fine surrounding furniture. Prominent Melbourne Hotel<br />
This spectacular billiard room was designed to accommodate a Full size Alcock Barrel leg model billiard table installed during the 1990s. RACV City Club, Melbourne <br />
Rare full size Alcock Duke of Edinburgh model billiard table in Tulip Wood, installed 2005.This brilliant billiard room achieves a fine balance between the modern and the traditional. Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club<br />
An excellent group of full size Alcock billiard tables, a Hopetoun model (No 5512, 1900s, centre) and two Duke of Edinburgh models (No 1947, 1880s, left; No 2162, 1880s, right). Kooyong’s tables, fully restored in 1990 and displaying striking fiddleback blackwood show timbers, would be the envy of any club in Australia. Photograph: Michelle Richter.<br />
Sandringham Club<br />
This traditional club billiard room features two full size Alcock billiard tables, including one Hopetoun table, a model developed to honour the first Governor General of Australia. Private Home, Mr Sean Buckley, Toorak, Victoria<br />
Full size Alcock Charlton model billiard table, show timbers in black satin finish, installed 2012. A truly remarkable aquarium forms one of the walls of this great billiard room. Private home, Perth, Western Australia<br />
Full size Alcock John Roberts model billiard table installed following restoration 2013. This great billiard room features an outstanding curve fronted bar area and glass fronted internal garden. Private home, Brighton, Victoria<br />
10 ft Thomson and Taylor Federal model billiard table, installed 2007 following restoration. A grand Victorian style home billiard room furnished with items reflective of the period. Private home, Kew, Victoria<br />
9ft contemporary style Alcock billiard table. A unique and arresting design developed in conjunction with the table owner’s architects, and installed 2012. Private home, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria<br />
8ft Alcock Australis model billiard table, American Oak, with chocolate finish, installed 2013. A striking modern billiard room, further enhanced by the spectacular artwork selections.<br />
Private home, Colac, Victoria<br />
Full size billiard table by A W Thomson, with vivid figured Blackwood veneers, restored 2010. In this great billiard room, the rugged stone wall, contrasts with the simple lines of the table.<br />
Private home, Wedge Bay, Tasmania<br />
Full size Alcock Governor model billiard table, Mahogany finish, installed 2008.  With this great billiard room the surrounding timber finishes complement the elaborate table.<br />
Private home, Flinders, Victoria<br />
Full size Alcock Duke of Edinburgh model table, restored and installed, the late 1980s.This great billiard room has an outstanding vaulted cedar ceiling and a panoramic view of the countryside. Private Home, Doreen, Victoria<br />
Antique Billiard Table, early 1880s in a Striking Modern Setting.<br />
Private home, Toorak, Victoria<br />
7ft pool table, American Oak veneers, developed with the table owner’s  decorators, installed 2014. The minimalist style of the table fully complements this superbly appointed multi-purpose room.<br />
<br />
A mini tabletop placed on a rough wooden crate, a tree branch for a cue, but still the enjoyment,  “with the compliments of Alcocks” . The real Australian outback – what a “great Australian billiard room”.<br />
Private Home, Goulburn NSW.<br />
Brilliant multi-purpose billiard room, meticulously designed in the Art Deco style. 9Ft Alcock Table individually constructed and installed 2015.<br />