Great Australian Billiard Rooms

Our sincere thanks to all participants in this project

Great Australian Billiard Rooms

Alcock billiard tables are found in many remarkable locations within Australia and overseas: clubs, corporations, small businesses, service organisations and private homes (refer to “About Us”, prestige locations page).

We wish to offer our sincere thanks to those who have participated in this Great Australian Billiard Rooms project

Government House Victoria

A unique Melbourne landmark, its construction a symbol of the optimism prevailing in the 19th century “Marvellous Melbourne”. The spacious billiard room, with its superb vaulted ceiling is one of its many remarkable features.

Werribee Park Mansion  

Completed by wealthy pastoralists, the Chirnside brothers in 1877.  This remarkable building houses a billiard room in the Grand Victorian Tradition.

This table was originally installed when the building was completed, but during the earlier years of the 20th century was donated to a private school. When the Victorian Government assumed control of the Mansion during the 1970’s the table was returned to the Mansion, where it remains today.

Racv City Club, Melbourne  

When transferring the Club to a new purpose built premises in the early 2000’s, the club provided for a grand eight table billiard room. Brilliantly furnished, it is widely regarded today as possibly the finest example of a modern style club billiard room in Australia. The room has become the accepted venue for the annual Australian National Snooker Championships and other major tournaments.  

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

A world centre for Tennis when our Australian players occupied centre stage. The club billiard room provides a perfect setting for a remarkable collection of Alcock Tables, each in excellent condition.

Mr Sean Buckley, Toorak, Melbourne

This truly remarkable domestic billiard room incorporates a spectacular aquarium which constitutes virtually an entire wall of the room.

Timeless Interiors, Melbourne

Designers of the unique Art Deco style multi-purpose billiard room.

AND ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS To those who prefer to remain unnamed, from Melbourne, regional and country areas of Victoria and other Australian states.  Their splendid billiard rooms are of widely varying styles and character, ranging from the high Victorian period through to the more minimalist trend of today.