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Trawalla Billiard Room

Trawalla, a heritage listed two storey Italianate stuccoed brick mansion at 22 Lascelles Avenue Toorak, contains a very fine billiard room at the centre of the house featuring a soaring clerestory roof, elegant proportions, a marble mantlepiece and delicate plasterwork decoration. The centrepiece of the room is an antique Alcocks Squatters Favourite full-size billiard table […]

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40 years at Alcocks for Tim Lowe

Alcocks marks 40 years since master craftsman Tim Lowe joined the company as an apprentice on February 4th 1981. While learning the skills of a billiard table maker and mechanic including woodworking, billiard table design, manufacture and finishing, in 1982 Tim began creating a miniature (36″ by 18″) Duke of Edinburgh billiard table as an […]

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