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Alcocks first produced the Salisbury model Billiard Table in the earliest years of the twentieth century, doubtless to honour Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 1830-1903, third Marquess of Salisbury. Salisbury had served as Prime Minister of Great Britain on three occasions.

The Salisbury model Table was manufactured using Australian timbers, principally Queensland Silky Oak. With the lighter toned finish and unique grain pattern of this timber the Salisbury model presented a contrast to the heavier darker finishes of High Victorian Furniture. In style the Salisbury model is notable for its distinctive richly fluted leg, and its hand carved arches and knee panels.

A Salisbury model table No 4663 was installed as the centrepiece match table at Alcocks Billiard Parlour at 155 Elizabeth St Melbourne, and it was on that table that the Boy Wonder George Gray made the then World s Record Break of 836 at billiards on the 25th of August 1909.

Matching Marking Board and Cabinet in Silky Oak

Salisbury No 4868 End Rail showing Design Features

Salisbury model Tables rarely appear for sale: Table No. 4320 was recently restored by Alcocks and is now offered for sale with:

• New English Trufast moulded rubber cushions
• New Strachan West of England cloth
• Surface of slate bed checked and re-ground
• Treatment of the polished surface, which is already in fine condition

Table No 4320 comes with a fine combination of new* and existing Accessories:

• Set 52.5mm Super Pro 1G Snooker balls*
• Set 52.5mm Aramith Super Pool balls*
• Full Size Triangle in silky oak timber*
• 8 Billiard cues
• Combination marking board and cabinet in Silky Oak timber, matching the Table in style
• Revolving Cue Stand, in Silky Oak timber, matching the Table in style
• Table Brush
• Velvet smoothing pad
• Baulk circle
• Cross rest with brass head
• Spider rest with brass head
• Long Butt
• Long Rest
• Half Butt
• Chalk*
• Rules*
• Dust Cover poly rayon*

Delivered and installed Metropolitan Area of Melbourne
Local Regional and Interstate enquiries welcome