When planning a Billiard Room define your primary purpose. This may range from promotion of active, family, leisure, at home or at a holiday house, a means of creating enjoyment with friends, a step to improve your game, or inclusion of a significant furniture piece in your home.

Establishing your primary purpose is helpful when considering the style of  Table you might choose, but it may even influence your choice of Table size.


Consider natural light in the room space.  Billiard cloth fades readily when exposed to direct sunlight, so if your space has large windows we strongly recommend use of a billiard table cover. If natural light is likely to produce substantial glare we advise protection by means of suitable blinds or curtains.


Your plan should provide for adequate lighting above the Table.  Players seek an even light, consistent throughout the surface area of the Table. If you are planning a dedicated Billiard Room you might consider a hooded light. Or if you are planning a multi-purpose room you may prefer a metal frame light with several metal or glass shades.



Cues and rests may be stored in a variety of ways. If space is minimal you may store them economically using a cue rack fitted to the Billiard Room wall.  If you wish to avoid interfering with walls there are several types of cue stands available.  Alternatively, in a multi-use space you may prefer to have cue racks out of view.  Wall fitting racks may be attached to the inside of a suitable cupboard door.  Similarly, scoring devices may be placed in a drawer or cupboard when not in use.


In planning your Billiard Room you may choose from an almost unlimited number of styles. With a dedicated room it is best to select a common theme, for example, Traditional, Modern, Minimalist, Sports orientated, etc.  You may have a hushed serious theme or a much more casual approach with other entertainment facilities. With a multi-purpose room the variety is endless. For ideas see some of the Great Australian Billiard Rooms, no doubt some of these will inspire creative thoughts!